Pineapple Express – Sativa Dominant Hybrid



60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 25%
CBN: 1%

Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus
May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Nightmares
Flavors: Citrus, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet, Tropical
Aromas: Earthy, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet

Product Description

Made famous the Seth Rogen movie, Pineapple Express has been a timeless favorite in the Netherlands for years. Crossed between Trainwreck and Hawaiian, this sativa dominant strain is a smooth and sweet smoke that will have you coming back for more. With tones of both pineapple, mango, apple and pine this strain will have your senses salivating once you roll one up. Pineapple Express provides a powerful buzz, numbing your body and providing a heady, happy high leaving you feeling creative and talkative. Great for being creative and in a social setting, this strain will keep your productivity on track while providing a strong energy throughout the day.