50mg THC Capsules


  • 50 MG THC per Capsule
  • Sold as individual capsules

Product Description

Our 50 mg THC capsules are for the experienced THC users out there. These highly effective capsules are packed with 50 mg of the highest quality THC, each capsule provides a strong euphoric feeling along with a relaxing mellow body high. Along with a strong psychoactive effects these capsules provide multiple medicinal benefits helping with things such as pain relief, stress and insomnia. These capsules will provide a slow acting effect that will leave you feeling high for hours on end, the perfect remedy for those who do not want to smoke cannabis.

When consuming THC Capsules make sure to start slow and wait 1 hour before the effects start to kick in. Remember to start slow and take it one capsule at a time until you understand your tolerance level.