500mg THC : 500mg CBD Tincture (30ml)


  • 1mg THC per drop
  • 500 MG THC per Tincture
  • THC Distillate
  • Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract

Product Description

Our 500 MG THC Tinctures provide all the pleasure without the puff. These THC Tinctures provide an elated state of happiness while providing the feeling of calm and sedated. Mixed with CBD this tincture provides a variety of ailments such as relief of stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, insomnia, and headaches, this THC, CBD mix tincture provide a long list of medical benefits guaranteed to help anyone. Each drop provides relaxing effects, accompanied by an increased appetite and a decreased stress level. Curated with the high grade premium Canadian cannabis, our THC drops are made with only the highest quality ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Always take edibles with food and allow two hours for the full effect. As always with edibles, we suggest users start low and take it slow.