Introduction to Shatter

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Best ways to smoke shatter

Use a Rig

A rig is a niche term for a glass pipe, with similarities to a traditional bong. The rig contains a vertical chamber with a mouthpiece and hole, in that hole you stick a metal or glass nail. You heat the nail with a butane torch with the ideal temperature reaching 550-750 degrees. Apply the shatter onto the nail, this will combust the oil and result in a thick cloud of smoke within the rig where you then pull through and inhale. Rigs can vary in price, anywhere from $50-$10,000.

Add to a joint

Probably the easiest way to smoke shatter and the best way to introduce yourself to the strong effects of concentrates. All you do is break up the shatter and sprinkle over the cannabis within the joint, this will provide an extra kick when smoking a joint. The best option if you don’t have any equipment on hand.


Vape pens are known as the best way to smoke shatter in terms of health benefits, when smoking the vapor it will contain virtually no carcinogens or tar. It doesn’t really matter what people may refer to it as, a dab vaporizer, a wax vape, or a concentrate pen, everyone’s is talking about the exact same thing. Vaporizer pens are portable, extremely discreet and can be charged using a USB, providing the ultimate mobility. They also provide the full flavor of the concentrate, helping enjoy the full aroma concentrates have to offer.

To keep in mind

Approach smoking shatter with cautious optimism, it is the most potent marijuana concentrate available. Take your first dab and make sure to wait for the full effects to kick in, refrain from taking your next hit for another 20 minutes or so. You may be able to smoke a lot of flower in a short period, but concentrate is a different ball game and taking too much can be an unpleasant to new users.